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Trendy and luxurious fur fashion
Gemmi Furs, formerly known as Grünstein, is a valued fur maker representing trendy and luxuriously comfortable fur fashion. It has been designing and manufacturing fur garments, which reflect the contemporary ambience, for both women and men for 90 years. Each year, Gemmi introduces a new collection of its own to the market. Gemmi furs integrate top quality and practical aspects in both the selection of materials and the minutest details – buttons, buckles and zippers.

Technology and skilled handicraft
Modern techniques and work methods make the skins so light-weight that the designers’ wildest ideas can be put into practice in the complete garment as trendy and light creations. Skilful handicraft crowns t


Finnish fur design
Gemmi Furs Oy is located in Loviisa in Finland, where all our products are made. More than 90 per cent of the production is exported. Gemmi’s success is based on the work of fur design professionals. The main market areas are Russia, France, Germany, Japan, Benelux countries, Switzerland, Austria, Scandinavia, and most recently China.

International marketing and co-operation have a key role when we develop new procedures for launching Finnish fur design expertise globally. Marketing is in the hands of our extensive network of agents. Our clientele comprises well-known department stores and high-class boutiques throughout the world.


Gemmi Furs 2014?2015:
natural luxury and modern vintage

In the collection of Gemmi Furs for 2014?2015, feminine princess-like contours converge with modern looseness, and natural colours meet the perkiness of the 1990s. The collection offers luxurious, ultra-light winter wear for both women and men.

The design of Gemmi’s collection for 2014?2015 has involved Kisu Aho and Reijo Ojala and also the young designers Anna-Mari Leppisaari and Anton Hinkonen.


Natural tones and play with colours

One of the cornerstones in the new collection is a natural approach. Furs have been integrated with other natural materials such as knitted wool and cashmere wool fabric. The natural environment is also present in the colours: coyote and Finnish raccoon have been used in the wild natural colours, and the piebald sheep in the colour of soil carries on the same theme.

The collection is energised by the bright Canary yellow and cyclamen red referred to as hummingbird. Of course, the timeless black is also there.


Classic lines and imaginative details

The models of the ultra-light fox fur coats range from a feminine princess style to modern loose lines. The sporty jackets and the topical fox parka represent a more casual look. The soft wraparound knitted fox jacket, in turn, is suited to both outdoor and indoor use.

A new look to the collection is brought by the fox coats with hood and rabbit lining and the quilted coats, where fox or luxuriously soft rex rabbit has been used in the abundant collar-like hoods and wristbands.

The reversible coats decorated with marten and a lining made of weasel represent classic elegance. The water-repellent reverse side of the cashmere cape provided with fox or marten trimmings renders the garment practical.

The specialty in the graphically elegant and slender cut black mink coat is a surface where the sheen varies by lighting. There is a decorative pattern in the transversal seams of the other long-haired and alluringly soft mink coat.

In the shearlings, the fashionably long wraparound coat has a Toscana collar. The merino sheepskin coat decorated with rivets is a punky alternative for a more daring style. The sporty end of the collection is represented by the sheepskin parkas with hood, adorned with either diagonal zippers or a variety of stitching. The lovely quilted leather and down coats with a Toscana sheep hood are a new addition to the sheepskin garment range.


Gemmi Furs

Gemmi Furs is a traditional Finnish fur maker. It has been designing and manufacturing fur garments, which reflect the contemporary ambience, for both women and men for more than 90 years. In Gemmi furs, manufactured in Finland, high quality and practicality go hand in hand both in the choice of materials and in the smallest details.


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