World of wonder

Since it was created in 2005, the Belgian brand "World of Wonder" has been committed to offer you exclusive products from the most remote parts of the world.

These include stoles, scarves and unique pieces made from exceptional, natural and noble fabrics, like cashmere, mohair, silk and yak.

During our many travels, we have searched and found small workshops that are still producing fabrics using old ancestral methods.

The handcrafted dyeing procedure they use enables us to offer our customers an extensive range of more than 300 colours.

From these countries, we have also discovered rare and unique creations which we are delighted to share with you.

“World of Wonder” is synonymous with discreet luxury for a contemporary and demanding public.

Our collections are completely handmade.

They are the results of the work that we provide to small artisanal manufacturers who still use ancestral techniques.

We do this to ensure that these precious methods are protected for the years to come.

The pieces are woven on vintage looms, which are activated by hand, and the dyeing process is made following ancient rituals.

This ensures we can offer you a wide range of colour.

Cashmere is a wool obtained from the long-haired goat known as "cashmerian".

This animal lives in northern India, in the Kashmir province (as the name suggests) and Mongolia.

The higher it lives in the mountains, the finer its wool will be (19 to less than 12 microns).

Because of its very fine fibres, this wool provides exceptional thermal insulation while being very light in weight.

The natural colours of cashmere range from white to brown, and from grey to black.

However, the yarn can also be dyed to any desired colour

Natural silk is produced by the silkworm.

Silk has been made in China since 2500 BC and was transported to Europe via the Silk Road.

The way silk was produced had been kept a secret until the years 560.

However, during the 6th century, the secret was revealed and spread all over Europe.

It was not until the 13th century that the silk industry developed in France.

Mohair is made from the wool of the Angora goat.

This breed, known in Tibet since 2000 BC and by the Sumerians since the 4th century AD , would have been a pure product of Asia if, in 1838, a Turkish Sultan had not sent a few goats to South Africa.

Even though he had tried to protect his "mohair empire" by having them all castrated, a fertile female goat gave birth nonetheless and this is how a South African herd developed.

It must be noted that, currently, South Africa produces on average 60% of world’s mohair.

The Yak is a bovine that lives in the Himalayan region.

Nomads have been using their wool to manufacture tents, clothes and blankets for more than 1000 years.

The Yak lives in high altitudes and must withstand very harsh winters: this is why its wool is as warm as cashmere but more hard-wearing.

The natural tones of the Yak range from beige to brown but also comes in the very rare "platinum grey."


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