History of the Brand

Tuscany has always been a land of art tradition and craftsmanship, the land where Malo was born.

The Malo Tricot, so called, was founded in 1972 in Florence.

The story of Malo began with an innovation, during a period where quality and men’s sweaters claimed the Scottish label.

With the desire to specialise themselves on a particular area, which is cashmere, and looking at consumer’s needs, Malo sweaters quickly become iconic garments and the company wins the top among cashmere knitwear manufacturers in Italy. Everything was surrounded by the idea of re-editing the elements of English knitwear.

Thanks to the original vivid palette and the quality of the fabrics, then the artistic and craft effects, the complicated knitting and the decorative and tactile elements the brand had a great success.

From there, Malo could continue his growth by focusing on new forms and experiments, perfecting craftsmanship and processing.

In 1973 was inaugurated the factory in Campi Bisenzio, Florence.

Set between Prato and Bologna, Campi Bisenzio is a place where millenary history is intertwined, and It is in these lands that the long-standing Italian tradition of wool processing has its roots.

It is a real art special of Tuscany until the nineteenth century, handed down from generation to generation.

These are years of great success for Malo, which soon reaches the top of the "niche" market in the Cashmere world in Italy and abroad.

The end of the eighties saw the opening of branches in New York, Düsseldorf, Paris and Tokyo.

The company expands with the acquisition of an ancient knitwear factory in Borgonovo val Tidone in Piacenza, where even today most of the cashmere garments are produced in a factory in which old looms animated by the human hand coexist with the new for the realization of the most complex workings and textures.

In the beginning of the new millennium the company evolves.

Those are years of product customization and a strong image policy to conquer the American market.

The creative direction of Malo is followed by important fashion names such as Gianni Bugli, Tommaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimondi, Alessandro Dell’Acqua, Saverio Palatella, Fabio Piras.

The first appearance was in New York in 2006, a great success decreed by the press and international buyers.

Malo was defined by Anna Piaggi during an interview for the British newspaper Telegraph as “the best producer of cashmere in the world”.

A sweater from Malo after all it is an exclusive product that should be used and handed down, only in this way you will realise that it will last more than a lifetime.

Substance and form are always linked, from the selection of the raw material to the spinning, from the dyeing to the transformation of the yarn into the product, every Malo cashmere sweater has almost fifty years of history

And it will always be this way.

Every step is subjected to continuous checks, it is a concern of the company, there is no other way to get excellent results.

So true that Malo bases its production on artisan processing techniques handed down for centuries.

There is no stage of production that can be entrusted entirely to a frame or a computer, certain seams, certain looping or complex processing can only be performed by hands, experience and the ability of highly specialized craftsmen.

2019 marks a new course for the historic Florentine brand, as in life, the past is the roots and the future is made for dreaming.

Today the company returns to its first love, high-end cashmere knitwear that has made it famous throughout the world and aims to take the brand beyond the knitwear in a prêt-à-porter line where the same effects can be created in different fabrics.

Made in Malo

Malo has dedicated himself to the art of fine knitwear for generations, each garment is entirely produced in Italy, in Campi Bisenzio in Tuscany and in Borgonovo Val Tidone in Emilia Romagna, lands that are the depository of a long artisan tradition in the heart of Made in Italy.

The finest yarns arrive pure in the company's laboratories through a totally transparent supply chain, from green Mongolia to the icy steppes in the Andes mountains to the Italian factories, every step is subjected to continuous checks.

Absolute quality is the first criterion of choice for Malo, it will be then the experience, skill and attentive eye of craftsmen dedicated to transforming precious yarns into extraordinary garments.

Each creation is marked by slow passages, it takes eight to sixteen hours to create a single garment, the work of skilled workers intertwines technology and ancient wooden frames, the only ones capable of generating braids, jacquard, Aran and inlays, soft knots made in complete harmony with the finest materials.

The attention to detail aims at perfection, certain seams, certain links and processes can only be made by capable hands, every gesture is important, meticulous.

The materials are processed in full respect of the natural characteristics that made them special, for this reason there is no production phase entrusted totally to a frame, it is a distinctive process that has made the brand known in the world, loved for generations .

It is Made in Malo that makes each garment unique, able to give emotions, to tell stories through the memory, traditions and passion of those who created it.


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