Marie martens


Marie Martens

Marie Martens is not a Parisian like any other.

Her magical formula: an affection for beautiful materials and chic details, coupled with a timeless but quirky sense of style.

A signature that seduces. No surprise that, therefore, she decided after a few journeys to launch her own handbags brand.

An authentic Parisian label, punctuated by a refreshing Belgian twist.

Of Belgian origin and in love with Paris ever since, Marie is now sharing gaily between Versailles and Ghent.

Her father instilled her from her earliest childhood a keen sense of aesthetics and materials.

The particular gaze that he could throw on everything will remain forever engraved in her memory.

As for the energy and enthusiasm that she invests in her creations, she holds them from her mother, an enterpreneurial woman.

These qualities are expressed today in its line of accessories.

For a while now, the bags that do not go unnoticed, are a hype.

But with Marie Martens, this notion transcending all trends, because a detant accessory flatters any woman.


She resolutely brings timeless elegance and a touch of originality.

With playful details and noble materials, it combines Parisian chic with feminine luxury.


A chic leather goods brand with a shot of rock , inspired by wanderlust and assurance.

Alluring for the fashion forward women.

Contemporary Parisian label, enhanced by a playful Belgian twist, known for its high-end materials and audacious details.


With pure design, you don’t need so much decoration

Style is never out of fashion

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