Maison Common


always lived a very extravagant fashionable lifestyle and decided very early to turn this passion into a profession - building a base with a Masters of Fashion Design.

Her great talent was also discovered by companies like Bernd Berger and Strenesse, who hired Rieke shortly after graduation.

In 1999 Rieke Common left Germany to make a dream become true.

She moved to New York City to work as a designer under the legendary Oscar de la Renta.

Three years later she returns to her roots in Munich Germany and became the Creative Director of the Couture House RENA LANGE, where she set new standards.

Much experience, creativity and zest for becoming an entrepreneur lead Rieke Common to realize another dream, MAISON COMMON.

Her own label- her own particular vision of fashion.

Since then this powerful woman and mother of two children twirls around to bring her vision into the hearts of women and make them feel very special.

In 2014 Rieke Common founded MAISON COMMON which inspires all women regardless of age, ethnicity or body size with an invigorating, courageous, colorful, and luxurious collection.

The look of MAISON COMMON can be the perfectly coordinated outfit or simply the must have item of the season.

But no matter the look, it is extremely feminine, uniquely detail driven, and always chic with an unexpected ironic twist.

Much thought and development goes into every collection.

Each component is individually developed from the exclusive prints, special buttons & embroidery to the matching braids & trimmings.

You can also find stunning inner workmanship in every piece that brightens your mood when you put it on including the unique label with the signature pink bow.

Our long time partners are the best artisans in their fields and always follow time-honored and high-graded approaches in everything they do.

In an intimate creative exchange with these leading weavers, printers and embroidery makers, we develop the remarkable fabrics which are exclusive to MAISON COMMON.

Production is all done in Europe with the majority of 80% in Germany and the knitwear is 100% made in Italy.

The heart of the collection is the novelty jacket offered in various silhouettes to complement every body figure.

It is always an impeccable fit no matter whether you are a size 4 or size 20.

Rieke Common’s combination of perfectionism & passion in “creating dreams that can be worn“ makes anyone wearing MAISON COMMON feel extremely special and uniquely different.


With pure design, you don’t need so much decoration

Style is never out of fashion

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