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Creative entrepreneurial geniuses are known for being characters who pursue their work with passion and dedication, who have incredibly high standards and who turn their career into their calling. Trixi and Caroline Schober are the embodiment of this from head to toe, or, in their case, from pen to needle. As a mom and daughter duo they stand together at the apex of the tradition-rich TRIXI SCHOBER fashion house, an internationally successful family-run company with headquarters in Southern Germany.

Driven by a fascination for the fashion industry, both women gained a foothold in this exclusive fashion environment at an early age.

In 1967 Trixi joined the clothing company that her husband had founded in 1950. In 1974 she launched her first solo collection under the “Joy-Trixi-Schober” label, laying the foundations for her own fashion brand. True to the principle of “Fashion with Feeling”, she is the pioneer of a pure, elegant and feminine business look, a look that she consistently expands whilst never forgetting her high demands for quality and workmanship.

In 1984 the TRIXI SCHOBER brand was born. Over the decades she has established herself as one of the most renowned German designer brands for exclusive ladies fashion.

Caroline, born in 1973, took on her mother’s passion and creativity as a babe in arms and grew up surrounded by exquisite fabrics and whirring sewing machines. She worked in a number of other renowned fashion houses before she finally entered the family firm in 2006. Her appointment to management in 2010 highlights the successful interplay of proven experience with groundbreaking new impulses that have set the course for the company’s future-oriented development. In 2012 the company TRIXI SCHOBER became a license partner for the AIGNER ladies ready-to-wear collection, which marked a further milestone in the history of the family firm.

Her collections burst with a breathtaking variety of combinations and a liberal scope for interpretation. The “reality check” that fashion faces nowadays is something that the Schober ladies understand only too well from their daily lives, in which they have to juggle the demands of designer, businesswoman and mother. This modern plethora of roles is far from an abstract concept for them - it is a daily reality.

And their success mirrors this – TRIXI SCHOBER customers throughout the whole world love the modern, feminine business look today more than ever. So in 2014 the House of TRIXI SCHOBER stands for almost 40 years of experience in the area of high fashion ladies ready-to-wear that is almost unique throughout the whole of Germany.

The Brand

The secret of the TRIXI SCHOBER identity can be found in the perfect union of


  • a value-based underlying philosophy,
  • a reflective lifestyle and
  • a wealth of creative perception in the area of daily activity.


Responsibility “for employees, products and customers”, passion “that drives you” and a pioneering spirit “to create something monumental” are therefore clear and simple component parts of the self image of the House of Schober.

The core TRIXI SCHOBER style stands for pure modernity, natural elegance and feminine details today more than ever:

Designed for multi-faceted, passionate women who are both self-aware and conscious of their environment. To set the stage for natural female beauty to evolve, for the expression of each individual's personality, a place in which you are always “at home” - this is their mission.

Decades of experience in the selection and processing of the finest materials. Uncompromising monitoring of the fit of each part of the collection. Reliability of a high fashion product that will always look contemporary. This is the TRIXI SCHOBER promise.

Season after season each creation unfailingly incorporates the high quality and style elements that give TRIXI SCHOBER customers such an unforgettable wearing experience.



In 1967 Trixi Schober joined the clothing company that her husband had founded in 1950. At that time she was 21 years old. In 1974 she brought out her first solo collection under the “Joy-Trixi-Schober” label - to a rapturous response. As the pioneer of a pure, elegant and yet feminine business look she set revolutionary standards within the industry.

The confident air of understatement runs through to the brand image, reflecting the fact that she deliberately decided against any superficiality in the branding. The unmistakable TRIXI SCHOBER style, combined with the TRIXI SCHOBER logo and the muted “X”, continue today to express the subtle, self-confident brand image.

Materials and Production

Deeply anchored in the brand identity lie the TRIXI SCHOBER quality standards that are synonymous with the brand. The nature and processing of the material are central components of the product competence and a proud flagship of this established company. Thus the choice of material and the material itself are meticulously processed to ensure that the demands for quality are always met. In close collaboration with the best weaving mills in Italy the designs are created from materials that have largely been exclusively woven for TRIXI SCHOBER alone. Many of the company's regular customers describe the feel of the clothing as a pure “experience for the senses”.

The motto “No compromise” applies to processing as well. The designers and master cutters are particularly keen to observe this. Production takes place in adjacent areas of Europe, where they know the supervisors of each production plant known. In the House of Schober they believe to their core that only this way can both quality standards and social responsibility can be ensured. A corporate culture with substance.



The core competence of the TRIXI SCHOBER brand can be identified from the very origins of the collection. Its captivating stylistic instinct for modern elegance combined with feminine details enjoyed international acclaim from the very beginning, in particular in the form of jackets, coats and blazers. Over the seasons this timeless yet contemporary look has been continuously developed and expanded. As the pioneer of the modern interpretation of the business look, over the last few years the dress has been adopted as a further key element. Today the collection includes strong key pieces as well as additional look components, which can be put together and interpreted for any occasion for business, casual wear or evening.

TRIXI SCHOBER designs and produces two main collections per year with about 80 outfits and thousands of pieces per collection.


With pure design, you don’t need so much decoration

Style is never out of fashion

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