Trixi Schober


Trixi Schober joined the clothing company of her husband Helmut Schober's family in 1967 at the age of 21.
In 1974 she founded her own company and launched her first collection under "Joy-Trixi-Schober".

So she lays the foundation for her successful fashion label. True to the motto "Fashion with Feeling", she is the pioneer of a pure,
elegant and feminine business look, which she translates to the highest standards of quality and workmanship.

In 1984 the brand TRIXI SCHOBER was born.

Over the decades, it has established itself as one of the best-known German designer brands for exclusive women's fashion.

Headquarters are in Passau, southern Germany.

The Company

Caroline, who was given passion and talent since she was born in 1973, grows up in the natural environment of exquisite
fabrics and rattling sewing machines.

She completes numerous stations at renowned design houses before joining the family business in 2006.

Her appointment to the management in 2010 sets the course for the future of the company.
In 2012, under the leadership of Caroline Schober, the company becomes a licensing partner of the AIGNER DOB

Another milestone in the history of the family business.

In 2017, Trixi retires from business life.

Her daughter Caroline continues to lead the brand in sole direction.

In the third generation of 2017, TRIXI SCHOBER stands for more than 40 years of expertise in the high-end fashion sector.


TRIXI SCHOBER stands for high-quality fashion, modern cuts and extremely solid craftsmanship.

That's why we produce two main collections a year with 40 to 60 outfits.

We are proud of the people in our company because they strive for perfection, are extremely committed and creative.

And they have a deep-rooted quality awareness.

We consciously do not submit to the relentless pace of mainstream luxury fashion.

Our fabrics are high quality.
The colors and reliable cuts are of timeless value.

So our customers can enjoy their favorite pieces for a long time.

We tailor with a lot of freedom so that our customer can move safely, strongly and confidently at any time, even on days that demand a lot from her.

So she can concentrate on the essential with a good feeling.

TRIXI SCHOBER offers reliable fashion in dress sizes 34 - 50.



„To find the best fit for each model, I meticulously deal with the fabrics and their texture.

Often, my co-workers or I wear models as they emerge, to test how the fabric feels when worn, how it gives in, and how it behaves after the care.

The fabrics come from the finest weavings in Italy, Spain and Scotland.

For our collections we choose soft, pure and feminine fabrics.

Working closely with the best suppliers, most creations are made from fabrics made exclusively for TRIXI SCHOBER.

The production of our garments takes place exclusively in Europe.

Every single part of the collection is inspected by experts at the headquarters and packed for the customers.

Our company and also our partner companies emphasize fairness and sustainability.


With pure design, you don’t need so much decoration

Style is never out of fashion

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