Jil Sander


the high-end luxury brand founded in 1973, is epitome of modernity and sophistication.

Its unconditional dedication to contemporary design combines elegance and purity with innovative materials and exceptional craftsman- ship.

The refinement of cuts and the perfection of details give form to a figure that stands out by its distinctive belief in excellence and highest quality standard.

JIL SANDER products, which include women’s and men’s ready-to-wear, shoes, bags & accessories, cosmetics, eyewear and jewelry are distributed worldwide through its network of directly operated stores and through independent retailers.

Perfect fit and impeccable quality.

All the pieces are assembled according to the utmost in tailoring experience where details embrace a distinctive mark of sophistication.

With the creative sensibility of stream- lined cleanliness the brand has man- aged to modernize traditional concepts of luxury and elegance. 

Individual. Soft touches, hand-crafted, pure sculptural shapes. This is the synthesis of a playful, geometric,
feminine collection. Light, experimental, diverse. A new angle in Lucie and Luke Meier’s approach of
balancing of opposites.
Significant are the ruffles, the studs, and the pintuck seams along the sleeves of tailored wool jackets and
belted light cotton dresses, at the hem of graphic skirts and voluminous pant skirts. The dyed multicolour
painted dresses with tassels on the shoulders. The feathers erupting from precise rectangular handbags.
The knotted fringes on sandals. The boots’ irregularly shaped, coloured crystal rock heels. The bubble knits.
The fine tuning of cut and fabric hold volumes with simple constructions. There are different silhouettes, all
suggesting clarity and comfort. Trapeze dresses and round capes, the organization of solid design, the use
of colour and decoration is reminiscent of Oskar Schlemmer. Designing beautiful garments, and dressing
up, are pleasures. Art is necessary. Form and function can coexist : we can indulge our aesthetics and still
be able to live our daily lives and do things.
Here feminine means lighthearted, self-confident, strong.
There is playfulness in the overstatement of ornaments (a recurring theme is a leaf : nature), of textures
and forms, juxtaposing the sharp tailoring of a series of dresses and coats. A fuzzy green mohair coat,
a yellow corded net dress with exaggerated sleeves, a rigorously pleated dress in cream with a large
maroon bottom, a white dress with an oversized petalled collar, a cashmere shaped knit bra worn under
a masculine jacket, the magnified knitted ensembles, the long, geometric, pointy trousers.
Shoulder bags, clutches, pouches are precise or exaggerated in size. Some also in decoration, with tassels
and feathers. The inflated, squishy leather shoes with inflated outsoles anchor the silhouettes both solidly
and lightly, counterbalancing the sartorial. The organically shaped jewels and buckles, and the cocooning
hat, are important in emphasising contrasts and form.
The palette is extremely rich, formed by a whimsical black and white print, and by stripes, both vertical
and oblique : white, cream, beige, light green and grey, lilac, yellow, pink, cyan, sage, maroon, black.
Everything is elevated. At this level of interpretation and execution, eclectic is both a vision and a value.


With pure design, you don’t need so much decoration

Style is never out of fashion

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