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Jil Sander

THE BRAND JIL SANDER, the high-end luxury brand founded in 1973, is epitome of modernity and sophistication. Its unconditional dedication to contemporary design combines elegance and purity with innovative materials and exceptional craftsman- ship. The refinement of cuts and the perfection of details give form to a figure that stands out by its distinctive belief in excellence and highest quality standard. JIL SANDER products, which include women’s and men’s ready-to-wear, shoes, bags & accessories, cosmetics, eyewear and jewelry are distributed worldwide through its network of directly operated stores and through independent retailers. Since September 2009 JIL SANDER also serves customers through its online presence. HERITAGE A constant search for perfection is grounded in elaborate knowhow and techniques. Finishing, delicate materials and Italian based craftsmanship grant perfect fit and impeccable quality. All the pieces are assembled according to the utmost in tailoring experience where details embrace a distinctive mark of sophistication. With the creative sensibility of stream- lined cleanliness the brand has man- aged to modernize traditional concepts of luxury and elegance. CREATIVE DIRECTOR In April 2014 JIL SANDER Group announced the appointment of Rodolfo Paglialunga as new Creative Director. The Women’s Spring/Summer 15 collection marked the designer’s debut at the house with a runway show staged during the September 2015 fashion week in Milan. After this the designer will be in charge also of the creative direction of all the other Brand’s future collections. Paglialunga’s career started at Romeo Gigli in the early 90’s where he served as the founder’s closest collaborator. In 1996 he joined Prada to collaborate for over 10 years arriving to assume the role as Womenswear design director. Early 2009 Paglialunga left Prada to become Creative Director for the house of Vionnet.

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