NO/AN is the handbag line conceived by Brussels-based Finnish designer Anna Lehmusniemi.

Having worked for several fashion brands and understanding that accessories were her true calling, she logically turned to handbags as a source of inspiration, focusing on sleek lines and high-quality skins.

Launched in 2016, NO/AN acted as a reaction to overconsumption and the reckless speed of the fashion system.

Encouraging her clientele to reconnect with the beauty and value of long-lasting -and patiently crafted- bags, the Finnish designer imagined supple and relaxed styles, which could not be tied to any seasonal trends.

Concentrating on the concept of a permanent and timeless collection, which could renew itself and grow over time, NO/AN pushed a slower and more humane approach towards luxury, as well as a desire to slow fashion down.

The relevance of sustainability to our world is key within NO/AN, coupled with the integrity that defines the whole brand.

Each bag is made in Portugal by a specialized and family-owned atelier, where the artisans involved get to sign the styles they produced by hand.

NO/AN bags are therefore linked to a human being, adding depth to its purpose.

The leather atelier where each artisan crafts one bag at a time -from start to finish- was chosen by the designer for its expertise with solid, natural grain leather.

Some of the skins come from a local tannery located in the region of Leiria, while others are Italian.

The brand also includes a limited ostrich line.

Bearing minimalists details and using a restrained color palette, NO/AN bags are produced in small series, underlining their exclusive appeal.

Double leather handles and chunky hardware are some of the brand’s trademarks, as well as the collection’s graphic and geometrical shapes, recalling the simplicity of Nordic landscapes and architecture.

Available worldwide, NO/AN has been featured in Vogue Italia, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue Runway and Elle US, as well as Vogue Brazil, Vogue Australia and Marie Claire.


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