The magic of the elegance of classical modernity and originality

M.A.C.S - Maison Common


Welcome to Maison Common


Maison Common is the smallest but one of the finest fashion houses in Germany. The smallest because Rieke likes to keep the company flexible and the finest because the house is dedicated to the most luxurious materials and detailing. Also, Maison Common allows itself the luxury to produce in Germany.
The collections are always colorful and feminine with couture aspects and ironic twists but at the same time very modern and straight. The perfect fit is the core business of Maison Common.
Rieke and her team are perfectionist when it come to quality. The fabrics are developed in cooperation with the finest weavers and printers in the world. Almost every print is designed by Maison Common and developed later in Como Italy. The same is for buttons and trimmings, everything is designed and developed from scratch.


With pure design, you don’t need so much decoration

Style is never out of fashion

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