The magic of the elegance of classical modernity and originality


               Reinvented Essential          Linearity and volume essence          Material and detail research


It is a path inspired to the essential, a vocation for minimal which is expressed with clean lines and sharp cuts highlighted by the stitching that give life to harmonious geometries of shapes, some severe some softer, but all enriched by contaminations from the past – sometimes it’s the seventies and other times the nineties, faithful to a topical path, feminine and wearable.

Sharp, Strict, Reduced: linearity and new interpretation of rigour warmed up by touches of femininity, simplicity highlighted by pure and elaborate materials, by games of breaking downs and re-making ups, pure colours offered in sophisticated shades.

A modernity starting from the essence of an understated femininity, pointing straight to aesthetics highly intense and escaping from any sort of showing-off.

Attempting to propose an “immediate” fashion, easy to enhance and yet always sophisticated, detailed and creative, with a special focus on the research of the materials: excellence and tailoring.

“It is the breaking down theme creating geometries reunited in equilibrium, transparencies like architectures, unusual combination of materials perfectly melted, …the game of breaking down and re-making up through skilful sartorial work able to create light geometries brought back by the prints, or the applications, incrustation, embroidery.”


With pure design, you don’t need so much decoration

Style is never out of fashion

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