Inge Denim

Laurence Stripes

Aurélie Skirt Technic Odeeh

Aurélie Long Jacket Cotton & Linnen N_8

Laurence Raincoat

Dress Antique White Jil Sander

Aurélie Raincoat

Love - Delphine

Inge Raincoat

Bag Big Bi-color Marie

Bag Round Black JeanPaul Knott

Dress stipes Blu White & Beige Peserico

Raincoat with cap Peserico

Bicolor Bag White & Cognac Peserico

Tunique Linnen beige Peserico

Tunique Linnen White or Poudre Aspesi

Bag Cognac Marie Martens

Silk Long Shirt in Yellow or Tabac Aspesi

Porte-cles Cognac or Black JeanPaul Knott

T-Shirt Cotton White or Poudre Aspesi

No more BlaBla Delphine

Jumpsuit Navy or any other color on request Talbot

Simple dress in Navy or red or White Talbot

Sophisticated Dress in White or blu or Red Talbot

Simple dress in red or White or Navy Talbot

Classic dress in red or any color on request Talbot

Tailleur linnen N_8

T-Shirt Cotton Poudre or White Aspesi

Velvet Stretch Broek Zinga

Blazer Bicolor Avolio - Different colors on request

Dress Poudre or White Or Navy Jil Sander

Trenche Beige or Greige Peserico

Coat Denim Beige Jil Sander

Dress Beige Denim Jil Sander

Jeans Beige or Denim Jil Sander

Knitwear Cotton Beige Jil Sander

Sneakers Leather Beige or Black

Bag Big No/An

Shirt Sleeveless White FFC

Cross-Over Small No/An

Pants linnen Carreaux beige Peserico

Bag Middel No/An

Dress Technic Jil Sander

Oversized Knit Aspesi

Silk shirt & short Aspesi Tabac & Yellow

Dress Moiré Poudre Talbot

Dress Satin Stretch Talbot

Dress Jil Twins

Skirt Linnen Aspesi

Hip Bag Marie Martens

Dress Antique White Jil Sander

Cashmire Jacket

Masks Strenesse

Smoking White JeanPaulKnott

Shirt Silk White JeanPaulKnott

Dress White or Navy Cotton Purotatto

Big Bag Blu or Poudre Or Black or Cognac Marie

Leather pants Zinga

Cross-Over Big No/An

Pure T-shirt White Jil Sander

Shirt oversized lis

Hip Bag Black Marie

Pochette No/An

Never Give up - Delphine

Blu Jeans Jil Sander

Shirt Col Claudine - Lis

Dress & Short Coat Double Crepe Avolio - Different colors on request

Dress Navy or White or Poudre Jil Sander

Trenche Beige & Greige Peserico

Dress Printed Silk Aspesi

Suit Silk Aspesi

Bubble - Delphine

Coat Double Iconic Avolio

Suit Double Crepe Avolio - Different Colors on request

Dress Pretty in Orange or Pretty in Pink Odeeh

Dress Beach Mes Demoiselles

Pochette No/An

Sandales Beige JeanPaulKnott

Shirt Dots Silk Black Mes Demoiselles

Shirt Dots Silk Mes Demoiselles

Shirt Long Silk Mes Demoiselles

Dress Long Voile de cotton Mes Demoiselles

With pure design, you don’t need so much decoration

Style is never out of fashion

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